Light Up Clothing: The Ultimate Office Accessories

If you are organizing a party in your house or even at the office, you need to think about the best way to spice it up. Of course the idea of a DJ or a surprise local celebrity is already getting old.  If you want your party to be cutting edge and become the talk of the office for years to come you need to think outside the box.

Light up clothing might not be at the top of your ideas for spicing up your party, but you will be surprised how easily they liven up the atmosphere. If you make custom light up shirts you will have given your party that spice that no amount of strobes can achieve.  There are many reasons to adopt this idea for your upcoming party.

Take a look at some of these benefits:

1. Custom Message 

You can ask your designer to come up with a creative message that will then be illuminat by the Electroluminescent panel (EL). The beauty of it is that most light up clothing companies also have designers in the house and you just have to explain the message you want on your party t-shirts and voila! Your party will start on a fun footing. You can, for instance, use ‘welcome to X’s party’ as the custom message, and when you flip the switch on the light up panel it will light up in an animated way.

2. Ideal Gift Idea

If you have a kid’s birthday party you can make them a personal sound activated t-shirt that has their name on it. You could even make their name into an equalizer so that when the music is playing the shirt lights up with it. Think of the kids having fun in a darkened room as their t-shirts light up along with the music playing.

3. Versatility 

Whichever party idea you have in mind, it might be a birthday, anniversary or a family event, you can turn up the fun by making custom light up shirts with a relevant design.  This unique fashion style is all about having fun with your outfit and I can’t think of a better way.

4. Easy Maintenance 

The EL panel is very thin and unobtrusive. It connects to a tiny battery pack hidden in the shirt. Your party guests will be ale to wear the cool t-shirts without worrying about any damage to the panel or the battery pack. Washing your t-shirt is also easy because you just need to remove the battery pack and the EL panel which can easily be attached back.

5. Practical Party Accessories 

When you order bulk light t shirts for your party you will not only be adding more fun to your party but also giving the guests a practical gift. The t-shirt can be worn without the panel in future. It is a cool way of thanking your guests for gracing your party.

If you don’t have a custom design in mind you can easily ask the company you select  for assistance. The manufacturer should have designers on staff who can help you come up with a creative custom design that lights up.

Go on now and make your party the buzz of the town for the coming months.

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