Leggett and Platt Prodigy 2.0 Adjustable Bed

4 Reasons to Choose Leggett & Platt Beds


People prefer to buy the Leggett and Platt bed because the Leggett and Platt introduced multiple features in their various types of adjustable beds that are not available in any other adjustable beds. There are various features are introduced in our new Leggett and Platt beds. If you are going to buy an adjustable bed then must consider the Leggett and Platt bed because there are many reasons that make the beds better than others.


1 – USB Ports and Under-Bed Lighting

This is the era of technology and we use multiple devices such as smart phones, Bluetooth speaker, PC, etc. It is a very reason that we introduced 8 USB ports, 4 on either sides of the bed so you can easily use these ports in a very convenient manner. Leggett and Platt beds have under-bed lighting system that is very useful and you don’t have to use any additional light. You can use this light any time without any trouble.

2 –Easier Positioning

People who are suffering from knee pains or backache must select the Leggett and Platt bed as it provides an outstanding service to adjust the bed according to the user requirement. It is not possible in the case of a conventional bed which creates more trouble for the user.

3 –Zero Gravity

In reality, there is no such absence of gravity but zero gravity feature exhibit the complete control of the user on the bed and you can easily raise the lower part or upper part of the bed without any effort. There is an electric system that controls all the positions of the Leggett and Platt bed and offers you maximum control that reduces the downward pressure on the bed by simply elevating the bed upper or lower portion.

4 –Time to Relax

You won’t find any comfortable place except the Leggett and Platt bed because it is only designed to offer comfort to the user and for this purpose, we introduced multiple features that not only offer comfort but also make your life easier. Such as massage technology is the best way to get relief after a busy day.


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