Learn about How to Prepare for and Overcome a Pregnancy Loss

It goes without saying that loss of a pregnancy can be an extremely devastating, traumatic and heartbreaking experience for a woman. In fact, it is impossible for most women to imagine anything worse than experiencing an unsuccessful pregnancy. According to the ACOG (American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists), the most common type of pregnancy loss is miscarriage. Often referred to as spontaneous abortion or pregnancy loss, miscarriage is a serious condition when an embryo or fetus dies naturally before it becomes able to survive and develop independently.

Now the question arises, how common are miscarriages? Well, they are extremely common conditions and every year, millions of women from all across the world experience a miscarriage. With reference to the signs and symptoms of miscarriages, heavy bleeding during early pregnancy which progresses from light to heavy, severe pain in the lower abdomen, cramps, fever, weakness, joint and back pain are some of the most common symptoms. There are cases, when women have a miscarriage before they even realize that they are pregnant. Various scientific researches and studies have determined that around half of all fertilized eggs are lost during the earliest days of pregnancy, even before the use of a pregnancy test.

Not only are miscarriages heartbreaking to the sufferers, but also, the horrifying feeling comes to haunt them regularly, which eventually lead to postpartum depression after miscarriage and anxiety. Most of the women who experience the symptoms of miscarriage during early pregnancy often turn to internet to find out “am I miscarrying”, or how to overcome it. However, most women fail to find out the required answers and solutions as there are myriad of resources on the web that provide minimal and irrelevant information about miscarriages and pregnancy loss, which further complicates things for women.

If you are one of those women who have been experiencing such symptoms and want to know whether or not you are miscarrying, then Losing Baby is the right online source for you. Losing Baby is a modern and informative portal that has been created by Jennifer to educate you about

pregnancy loss and caring for yourself after a miscarriage. You can learn about various signs and symptoms of miscarriages and how to recover physically and mentally from them. The ultimate objective of Losing Baby is to provide comprehensive information about pregnancy loss and miscarriages and help each and every woman through the hardest phase of their life.

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Losing Baby is a website created by Jennifer to inform women about miscarriages and pregnancy loss. This website is dedicated to helping women to learn about how to prepare for a natural miscarriage and how to recover from it physically.

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