Land Castle Title| Land Castle Title| Land Castle Title Company: A Reliable Destination Offering Title Insurance Services

Purchasing a property isn’t easy as it seems to be. As a buyer, you need protection against severe financial loss due to the defect in the title of your property. You can receive the protection of your property by purchasing title insurance policy for certain premium amount. The policy is backed by the solvency and reserves of the company. It usually covers both the claims arising out of title problems as well as “non-record” defects that cannot be discovered in the records.

Land Castle Title Company is a reputed firm in Ohio that offers top of the line title insurance policy to ensure a safe and secured property. It is one of the reliable web-based companies that take the complete charge to handle your documentation and other policy-related works. It proudly serves the residential as well as commercial clients throughout the Ohio, Florida and Kentucky regions by its best-in-class services. After the Land Castle title bail outstory of the company, Land Castle Title Company is now a well-known member of the Fidelity National Insurance Family of Companies. They will handle your whole title insurance process with precision and sheer professionalism. They offer an array of services including 1031 Exchange, land trust and REO services.

Once you are done with the purchase of your property, you can straightaway approach the Land Castle Title Company for your title insurance needs. Their proficient team has the complete knowledge and expertise in taking care of your escrow fund disbursements as well as closings. After Land Castle title bail out, Escrow is one of the most effective services initiated by Land Castle Title Company. “Escrow” is basically a contract/agreement in which the impartial third party (escrow holder) handles legal documents on behalf of you (property buyer/seller). Escrow will then distribute it as per the instructions of the policy.

Land Castle Title Company handles multiple closings as per the standardized rules & regulations given by CFPB agreement. Their major regulating body is the Department of Insurance and State banking Department that focus on their adherence and timely audits. After Land Castle Title bail out,the company has improvised its policies and procedures to serve you in a better way