Know the Benefits of Cloud Business Process Management to Enhance your Profits

Cloud computing offers a lot of benefits for your business. It allows you to set up what is fundamentally a virtual office to give you the flexibility of connecting to your business anywhere, any time. With the increasing number of web-enabled devices in today’s business environment, admittance to your data is even easier. There are many benefits to shifting your business to the cloud like moving to cloud computing may decrease the cost of running and maintaining your IT systems, your business can smoothly scale up and down its operations and storage needs. It helps you share your important documents with one click and also helps you to stay updated.

As cloud networking requires nothing more than an Internet connection and web browser, the cloud platform is purposely designed to help you and your extended stakeholders avoid prolonged consumption cycles. Digitalized invoice formats can solve 80-90% of the distinctive invoice processing problems i.e. anticipatory calculations can save your hard work and input time. Although this technology is comparatively new, it has been passionately accepted by businesses, particularly those that need to propel out large numbers of invoices and financial statements frequently. While paper invoices utilized a lot of space, time and created chaos, these digital invoices are a rescue. The information can be entered within the matter of seconds, saving printing, paper and confusion. While the cloud invoices can be stored online with one click and can be searched and accessed across the globe.

Invoice+,cloud-based invoice processing platformprovides business organizations of any size the entire invoice process solution on the cloud which can be effortlessly integrated with any accessible cloud ERP applications. This means that integrating with your cloud ERP is will be easy and uncomplicated. Highly flexible and customizable integration allows for data exchange from any existing LOB for visibility, management and practice performance. With Invoice+, users can submit invoice documents via their mobile devices with CumulusPro Mobile Document Capture App, no software license purchase or ongoing annual continuation fee needed. It is provided as a SaaS (Software-as-a-Service), so access the most updated features and functions of Invoice+ solution, to reap maximum benefits.

CumulusPro, founded in 2012, with 20 industry experts with offices in Brisbane, Kuala Lumpur, Lucerne, Singapore and the USA has designed a cloud based invoice processing platform i.e. Invoice+.

About CumulusPro Invoice+

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