It Is Worth Publishing In Scientific Journals Of High Impact Factor?

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Most researchers know it is not easy to publish articles in scientific journals of high impact, such as the Cell, the Nature and Science. International Rankings assess the impact of such scientific journals based on the number of times their articles are cited in other periodic texts. Thus, to enter the select group of those who have their articles published in such journals is not enough to have access to an innovative idea. It is necessary to support a fair share of suffering and frustration. But it is worth publishing in such journals?

Publish on one of the magazines the world’s biggest impact is to some scientists the world outside, a real “consumer dream.” At least theoretically, if a particular article is published in one of those magazines, it means that underwent a strong scrutiny of editors and is considered, at least in the view of these, an impressive article of interest to a large audience. One of the principles that guide the acceptance of an article in a highly selective journals is the scientific impact of the article as perceived by the editors and reviewers. However, these magazines also make mistakes. Because of this, the rejection of an article by one of these journals do not necessarily imply a low quality production. It can be an excellent material, but not acquired publishing priorities.

This is an important point, because this dominant model of evaluation has found some interesting alternatives. Currently, relatively new magazines achieved in its first impact factor assessments, surprising notes. Most of these magazines works in open access system and other high-impact journals, accept around 70% of the articles submitted. Another major difference is that the article is not evaluated based on the importance of the impact of how it is perceived by a group of people, but if it has acceptable qualities as technical and scientific text. This demonstrates that the academic community is living an interesting scenario in terms of scientific communication. Today, with the various platforms publication, there is no limitation publishing articles according to the printing space.

To facilitate the acceptance process in any scientific journal, specialized services text correction in English and dissertation writing UK review, so that the researcher can only worry about the choice of the journal in which you want to publish.

It is part of the scientific communication process to choose the most appropriate journal to disseminate scientific work. The important thing when choosing is that the magazine has quality, that most of the papers published in it are good pieces of science, there is a good communication between involved in the publishing process and that it be read by my target audience.

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