Applied Cleaning Solutions: Gutter Vacuum Cleaners

appliedcleansingsolutions_oApplied Cleansing Solution (ACS) has developed gutter vacuum cleaner and industrial vacuum cleaner solutions that are overhauling how things are done in the cleaning industry. Cleaning gutter is a dangerous and tedious job. If you have to spend the day moving a ladder around the roof, or clambering atop a sloppy roof, then you will be at risk of hurting yourself. Here is a look at their gutter cleaning systems.

Gutter Vacuum 1030 and 1530

These are the two most popular gutter vacuum cleaner solutions that they have. They come with the Gutters Master hybrid engine or electric motor drive combination, which gives you better suction power. When you look t their performance against that of pulley and engine belt blower units, you see that they provide true cleaning power with less exposure to the dust and dirt that they are collecting.

The blower vacuum machines are larger, much heavier, and do not use energy properly. You find the typical blower weighing in at about 500 kilos while the Gutter Master only weighs about 200 kilos, when you add on the weight of the hose reel and 205 liter drum.

The Gutter Master, and any of their other industrial vacuum cleaner machines will never rust, because they are made out of pure stainless steel; other machines are made of mild steel and will eventually rust, thus necessitating the purchase of another unit. The filtration system on the Gutter Master is guaranteed to operate for over 200 units. This means that you will be getting more value for money when you get the Gutter Master.

The Gutter Master was carefully developed with information brought back by many people in the cleaning industry. They wanted a system that was especially engineered for cleaning leaves, silt and twigs which normally accumulate in the gutter. The specs of these machines has been developed and honed over the years and it is now the most effective gutter cleaner on the market.

Why the Gutter Master is better than the blower vacuum pump

When you have to blow silt from gutters and roof vents, you expose yourself to dust, and other contaminants thrown up by the blower. Secondly, when you have to blow leaves and silt from the roof, only to get back on the ground and blow it off again, you are doing double the job.

With the Gutter Master, you do not get exposed to the dust and silt, since it is sucked into the drums and kept within till you empty it. Once you are done with the roof, all you have to do is go empty the contents into your designated rubbish dump, where you can burn it, or turn it into compost.

From the response, it is safe to say that the Gutter Master is the best gutter vacuum cleaner in the market, and one that will keep a lead, because of its constant improvements. When you need a professional gutter cleaning system, go to ACS and get a Gutter Master for yourself; this is gutter cleaning doe in a professional manner.

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