Public relation is the tactical administration of connection among an organization and its various audiences with the use of communication to achieve appreciative response, understanding organizational aims and serve the public interest. Building public relations is not an easy skill. In terms of marketing, public relations have great importance because a well-planned public relation based promotion will show a high surplus in long run.

Public relations has versatile range so sometime they are discriminated in term of  variant public ,for example guests , community, government agencies. All these people are very important to the hotel business, so public relation campaigns should be made to produce a healthy relationship between any organization and such publics.

In this article you will find that how many types of relationship are present.

  • In hotel business guests should be treated with utmost priority. Management vs. customer interaction is called public relationship. In any hotel and tourism organization there are times when customers are angry or somehow not satisfied with services of hotel, so this is the time where public relation comes in hotel management. Public Relations play a vital role in customer satisfaction at such circumstances.
  • In any hotel business weather they are looking for advertisement or just dealing with media persons as guests, they should be careful about that. Actually the media relations are the most important relation for any hotel because they can enhance or damage the perception of hotel in public.
  • Any hotel business requires some kind of political and legal influence for prosperous business and these relations are possible if they have are in good books of government authorities. These authorities can be, local or state.
  • Communities also have a great role in making or breaking any hotel business because mostly hotels are located in the remote areas and in these areas people believe living in communities and if something is not right according to their views it will disturb the dynamics and eventually business will get affected.
  • Hotel’s business is all about providing services, and the people who are providing those services are the staff of the hotel. Active and trained staff in hotel industry is a key to success. In hotel’s business, staff is responsible for taking care of the customers with great enthusiasm and motivation, so in order to make hotel staff useful, hotel manager should have hotel management diploma which will give him an idea about how to manage staff. Although it is necessary for hotel manager to be qualified but for effective and efficient team all the members of the staff should also learn some online hotel management courses which can educate and train them to latest skills. Proper check and balance system should be used within the staff and from time to time it is important to have some good public relation exercises so that the staff is well-trained and organized. For reliable team, staff and managers should study hotel management courses or online data related to hotel management to become as useful as possible for providing satisfied and timely services to their customers.

PR rating for hotel industry depends upon so many things like size of business, services provided by the organization and the community or the local people. Here is a list of some public relation activities which can boost hotel’s business.

  • Keeping an eye on the attitude and perceptions of communities about the hotel.
  • Quickly resolve complaints
  • Keep hotel staff active, well organized and trained
  • Maintain excitement among the public by introducing new services

Public relations are key element in hotel industry. In terms of marketing, public relations are necessary to build a positive and exciting image of hotel among the public. Key point in public relation marketing is keeping it simple rather than overselling.


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