How To Writing The First Book

Writing a novel has same rules that we were taught in our schools, i.e., the basic rules of grammar, use of punctuation, construction of a sentence and spelling. There are no other special rules for writing books. Each individual author has his own set of rules. The way of writing of every individual is different and unique. Mistakes done by an author are erased out by his editors. When you are writing in a flow, it’s hard to pay attention towards the grammatical errors. While writing main focus and aim of the author is to build up a strong and impressive story.

Let us see few guidelines for writing better fiction. I would like to emphasise here that these are guidelines, not rules. You can manipulate or violate them as per your requirement and wish.

  • Avoid writing irrelevant story lines- Decide the plot of the story before writing. Before penning down the story, have a brief description of it in your mind. If possible, decide how many chapters your story needs and outline each and every chapter. This will reduce your work as well as the editor’s work. If you find any relevant new idea or scene that can be included in the story while you are writing, better write it as ‘notes’. Afterwards, when you read the whole manuscript again, you can decide better whether that scene or idea is worth including in the book.
  • Evaluate your book before sending it to the seller- Do not send trash to your book publisher India or online book publisher India. After completion of the manuscript, let it remain untouched for at least 2-3 days. After 2-3 days, you will be able to read it as a fresh work and can evaluate it better. Also, before handing your work to the publisher, get the reviews on your work from friends or family.
  • Is writing your passion? Make writing your passion. In fact, I would suggest that if you don’t feel motivated from within for writing, leave the task. Art can’t be forced upon anyone. You can never be successful if you are doing something that doesn’t make you forget everything. Writing is based on ideas, thoughts and creativity. All of these comes from deep inside within you.
  • Practice makes the man perfect- Write every day. I have said it so many times in my articles. If you are not writing a book then write a blog, an article etc. Daily practice is key to the success. You should at least write 500 words per day in your own language. Do not copy anyone’s writing style, no matter how much tempting it may be. Mimicking other’s work will not do any good to you.

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