How To Choose The Technique of Stump Removals?


Maintaining any yard which has trees can be quite a stressful job. The dead trees become a huge danger for the people living close to them and that’s why it becomes imperative to hire the services of stump removals professionals. These professionals of Melbourne would help you when you think that the tree in the yard is about to die and can’t be revived.

Let the professionals do it!

While getting the professionals does your job, you need to ensure that they are experienced and professional enough. While a tree is cut, the remains of it are left in the yard and you may even find the roots of the tree under your ground.

If the roots are not removed properly, they may rot and may cause huge damage to the property. The rotting roots become the breeding grounds for the pests like insects, termites as the nutrient-rich area may offer their food as well as shelter together. If not taken care of immediately, they may spread to the property and damage it completely.

It’s suggested to hire the services of professionals for doing this task as they would have the required expertise and the right equipment for it. Safety is the first priority for anyone conducting this process and you may expect this from all the workers. Also, the firms offering these kinds of services may be the ones who would take care of the disposal of the pieces of wood and getting your yard back to its normal condition.

The DIY route

However, in case you feel that your budget does not allow hiring the services of stump removals Melbourne professionals and if you have confidence that you will be able to handle it on your own, then there’re some options.

  • One such option is renting out the tools and equipment from the market in Melbourne for doing the job on your own. It would cost you a few hundred dollars to rent the tools. You just need to check with your dealer that the tools and equipment are in proper functioning condition.
  • Other options include the use of chemicals which are easily available in the markets which can also help you in getting rid of the remains. There are a number of chemicals available in the market and thus you need to know which one would be apt for you. Different chemicals perform differently, so it’s suggested that you properly read labels of the chemicals and also do some research on the internet.
  • The old fashioned way of Stump Removals includes the use of old axe and hacking away the remains and the big roots. You just need to chip away the wooden pieces into small ones till you are able to dig the remains out from the ground.

So these are some of the options available in Melbourne for this purpose.


Sometimes Stump Removals becomes important and a necessity for some people.  There are different options available for the same in Melbourne. You may go for the option which suits your requirements as well as budget the best.