How to Choose Best Self Publishing Company in India

E-books are new trend. Many E-book publishers opt for self publishing instead of self publishing. Self publishing gives you more command over your book. Traditional publishing makes you compromise and settle for what publisher says. It restricts you in so many ways but has its own benefits too. You need not to bother about the cover page, editing, marketing strategy etc. Comfort comes at cost, right. Be it be self publishing or traditional book publishing, both have their own pros and cons. In this article, today, we will see the pros and cons of self publishing. At times we will compare traditional publishing and self publishing too.


Reduces the chance of rejection- In traditional publishing, authors were needed to present their manuscript to the publisher, who after reading and analysing will decide whether the he will accept it or not. The chances of rejection were high. Your book is more in publisher’s command than yours. Invasion of self publishing have changed things for better. Getting rejection is a least probability. Your book is in your command. From cover of the age to price of the book, from marketing strategy to editing and proofreading, everything falls on your shoulder.

Competitions are healthy- There is a virtual increase in competition. I said ‘virtual increase’ because since book publishing is very easy by this method, not many author give in so much effort though there is an illusion of competition that makes true writers to work harder.

Creativity and credibility at its peak- Though the appreciation is hard to get but it’s a boon for full time writers, who are truly dedicated to their work. You can showcase your creativity to it’s best and you will get the credit of it.


So much responsibility- Though there are companies that helps you in carrying out the tough charge of making a book but then they cost you something. There is always some profit of their hidden in it. Also, if you choose to hire someone to edit, proofread or design a cover page for you, you need to put in some money for that. Whomever you hire needs to be paid. So, basically, either you need to be super talented or do it all by yourself or you need to compromise at some level.

Hard to sell- Though book publisher in India is made easy but selling a book through MR Book Publishing is a hard job. Very few, among thousands who opt for self publishing, taste the success. When people get things easily, they take it for granted and this is where the mistake lies.

Earning is less- Earning is considerably less than traditional publishing. As marketing is not that great, there is less exposure of your book and hence less income.

Now, I leave it up to you to decide whether you should opt for self book publishing in India or not.

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