How 3D Body Scanning Technologies Have Impacted the Fashion Industry?

The 21st century is defined by high level of competition in every industry. It is necessary to have an edge over all your rivals in every way possible. In the field of fashion and clothing, many technologies have been developed for this very purpose. Fashion designing involves a lot of math, accuracy and artistic skill. Modern technology and some brilliant minds have gifted us with such tools that fashion designing is not only made easier, but more efficient.

One big notable example is the 3D body scan. Complete digitization of the human body was made possible by the means of full body scanners. The technology has been around for quite a while, since it has been used in the movie industry for replacing real actors with virtual ones. But it is now that the technology is affordable enough for regular fashion designers to use.

Nowadays, fashion is one of the defining features of the popular culture. It has evolved into a science of its own. It is the science of what pleases the eye and feels comfortable and convenient at the same time. Made-to-measure clothing is an extension of the clothing industry which deals with making clothes that are custom made according to a person’s body shape and size.

Making such clothing is difficult since gathering accurate measurements has always been a hassle up till now. With 3D body scanning technologies virtual fashion, sizing surveys and body shape analysis is made possible. In fact, 3D body scanners are useful in not just fashion, but in the field of medical science as well with its accurate body digitization function.

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About [TC]²:

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