The Key Principles you need to know when Purchasing Handmade Toys

Choosing the right handcrafted toys for children can be a daunting task. There are many things you need to think of when buying toys; primarily, safety. As they grow, children learn new things while at the same time learning to express their individuality.

Toys enable them to learn and interact with other kids while developing motor skills. Handcrafted toys have become something of a rarity in the modern toy making industry with many toy makers opting to mass produce plastic toys.

The magic of the handcrafted toy remains unmatched. When you set out to buy your children’s handcrafted toys, there are some key aspects you need to look out for. These include:


Handmade toys are in many cases made from durable materials such as hard woods or soft fabrics. These toys that are made from hardwoods have a higher density and are quite resistant to the wear and tear that they will be subjected to.


Hand crafted toys made from natural wood or soft fabric are safe for children. Wooden toys are very sturdy, which makes them very hard to break even when pounded on the floor as many toys often are. This then eliminates the possibility of getting cut or swallowing ‘shrapnel” that would otherwise be the case with other feeble materials.

Handmade toys should have a smooth surface. The smoother toy or softer toy is always the the more safe toy. The smoothness eliminates chances of the child getting splinters from rough surfaces.  The natural wood makes it chemical free.  Make it a priority to choose a toy that has a smooth surface to prevent unwanted injuries. It is also important to make sure that the corners of the toy are rounded and there are no sharp edges because these can cut or cause some serious damage.

The glue used in the toys should not leak out of the joints because the child can ingest it. With that in mind, it is imperative that the glue used to make these toys be non-toxic. An example of a non-toxic adhesive is carpenters glue.  With soft fabric toys, stitching takes away the possibility of toxic substances.

Eco friendly

The world is getting warmer by the day. People are polluting the earth by using toxic chemicals in various industries- toy making being one of them. Hand crafted toys are made from such eco-friendly materials as wood, fabric or recycled materials. Wooden toys and soft fabric toys can last longer than plastic toys because they are much more durable, which in turn means that there will be less waste from old toys. It is important to mention that wood and cotton fabric are more natural and organic materials than plastic.

Fast track your child’s development

Handmade toys are a means to facilitate your child’s development. When you buy your child that first handmade wooden toy or soft fabric toy, you will definitely observe them learning. Handmade toys test the limits of your child’s imagination and creativity. In addition to improving a child’s hand and eye coordination, hand crafted toys can improve cognitive ability and motor skills.

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