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Strainers are some of the most important industrial equipment that are used to filter or strain out the undesired materials and precipitates, which are part of the unfinished products in the manufacturing or processing units. Strainers are commonly used in marine, pipeline, petrochemical, oil and gas and other power generation industries, where they are used between different units to separate out the solid debris from the processed materials. There are many different types of strainers that are manufactured according to their application in the industry. All the strainers play a defining role in efficient working of a unit, helping to deliver quality fuels and energy, free from any undesired substances. In addition, these strainers make sure the expensive processing machines such as compressors and pumps are not damaged with the presence of any foreign elements, so as to avoid the downtime of machines which may ultimately endanger the stability of the entire production unit.

Basket strainer is a type of strainer that is identical to a basket, and is used under moderate temperature and pressure conditions in an industry. The basket strainers offer excellent protection to the valves, traps and other mechanical equipment. They are engineered to be used in fluid handling systems where the fluid flow cannot be shut down for cleaning the baskets, as these strainers employ self cleaning mechanisms. Simplex and duplex are further types of basket strainers.

Similarly, a temporary cone strainer is a custom made strainer that is fabricated in accordance with the required dimensions, provided by the users. They come in different shapes and sizes and are used to cater to the temporary straining needs in various plants and processing units. Other than basket and cone strainers, there are other permanent and temporary strainers that are used for straining out various unwanted elements from the processed substances.

Having discussed the importance and types of the strainers, it is also equally important to obtain only the standard quality strainers that go a long way in maintaining the quality of the final product and the safety and stability of the machines they are used with. Purple Engineering is one such reliable manufacturer and supplier of high quality strainers for different industries.

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