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Gone are the days when the big industrial sectors and factories belonging to textiles, marbles, timber and paper industries etc. mostly operated on machines that were manually driven or required a lot of manpower. With gradual advancements in the field of technology, these hand-driven equipment and tools were replaced by machines which were based on hydraulics tracer systems. Though being faster and reliable, such machines had a drawback of being gigantic in size and occupied a lot of work space and were also high in energy consumption and dissipation. Today, the world is witnessing an ever-evolving field of electronics and computers which has produced a new set of effective, robust and low-cost machines especially for the industrial purposes. These machines are termed as CNC (computer numerical control) machines which control various machine tools programmatically via computers.

The CNC machines offer better automation as compared to the hydraulics based machines as they follow a specialized software coded protocol unlike the earlier machine tools of lathe or milling machines, which were dependent on hydraulics to follow a template. Laser based machines are one such machine which uses laser technology for cutting, engraving, carving and etching of various metals like aluminum, copper, iron and non metals like wood, cloth and fabric, stones, marbles etc., with high precision and accuracy. Various industry owners are in dire need of these high-tech laser based cutting and engraving machines which can bring down the production costs and having shorter production cycle can boost the production volumes effectively.

Amor CNC Laser is a company that excels in manufacturing of CNC routers and laser machines. Theirmultipurpose laser metal cutting machine comes in compact size and can easily cut thick metals in lesser time. Their laser cutting and engraving machines employ advanced DSP control system which provides continuous optimization of cutting speed and are governed by mapping software like CAD and CORELDRAW, which provide smooth automation service.

The company also manufactures acrylic laser cutting machine which is very crucial for acrylic processing and designing over color plates, plexi-glass, PVC and other non-metallic materials which are a popular requirement of the advertising industry and packaging design industry. All of the laser machines manufactured and supplied by the company are fully enclosed, thus assuring safety and security of the operator from any mishaps.

About Amor CNC Laser

Amor CNC Laser, based in Jinan, China, is a renowned manufacturer and supplier of top-of-the-range CNC routers and laser machine used for multiple industrial purposes including cutting, engraving, marking etc. They also offer top quality fabric laser cutting machine along with providing excellent technical support and quality control (QC) services to their customers.

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