Get Rid Cellulite


How do you get rid of cellulite?



I have found myself having to do a thing which is not good.. And I want to share with you that, in the hope that someone may be able to PEP to anything or give tips..



Okay. I neggar myself, especially my appearance — very often. People don’t believe me when I say I have cellulite. But that is what I have. And Yes, when I view rövfanskapet so, they answer “oh damn, it’s you”. JAAAA I VEET. I have a rather large gutt and what are pigs difficult to not get cellulite back then. I have always liked my butt, at least in the pants or the are covered;. but not when I look at it when I’m standing in panties in front of the mirror. Especially not now..



But I look all Instagrambilder, I see all the commercials, NO ONE HAS CELLULITE. Or, some people have the genetic composition “non-cellulite ass”, but most have enough opposite gene. Even though we know how much it is edited, so we let ourselves be fooled. Feel bad. Press down ourselves and get poorer self-esteem. In my head, Yes, or in that part of me that is controlled by the media, so I think it’s more that do not have cellulite than the other way around. But if I am to be a little smart, so I know that it is the other way around… BUT WHY CAN’T I ENTER IN MY HEAD.


cellulite skin on her legs

The reason why I wanted to bring it up here, because I was part, was inside and would buy bikini a few weeks ago. But it ended up that I walked out of there because I was so shocked at how my ass looked in that awful light. And partly because I yesterday touched on River Iceland and tested a few shit nice shorts. But I could not buy them, “no no no it where you can’t walk around in, you’ll feel so uncomfortable if someone walks behind you”. And then I hung them back.



I wish I could write a pepper-posts and ba, heeey all girls have truth about cellulite review, what the fuck? Why care? But I feel not so now. Here’s how I feel right now: my butt has become a fucking tantröv and I hate to see it in the mirror. The only thing I see is completely perfect butts but orange skin … uääääh!!! Pigs feel silly now.. but I feel really bad about it.



Does anyone have the same problem? What should we do if we girls should stop thinking like this about ourselves? When it is quite obviously j * vla normal to have cellulite??



Ellen B is an actress, singer and bloggerska. She has played in the series including Elsa Elsa World, been featured in musical program quest for Julia on SVT and dived into third place in the program Celebrity hope. She grew up in little Vingåker in Södermanland, but decided a few years ago to take the big step and move up to Stockholm. Absolutely the right choice, it has happened a lot since then, and more will happen. We see her on the silver screen in February of Kjell Sound valls feature film in need or desire. Ellen blogs about her fast paced life, mixed with humor and beauty.