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Being a mother is the most beautiful and rewarding experience. Motherhood is a selfless service that comes with glorious opportunity to nourish and foster a young being. The divine role of a mother is to bring a new life to this world which is amazing and special in its own ways. Becoming a mother expands the parameters of what love looks like to you by opening up a part of your heart that you didn’t know existed. But, there are a lot of women who are not as fortunate to experience such a beautiful feeling.

There are times when a woman has to go through challenges and stand strong when she loses her baby. Miscarriage is the most terrorizing and heartbreaking experience that a woman can ever feel. After losing your baby you will have to cope up with immense grief with a mixture of emotions and also cope up the physical aspect.

It is not at all easy to determine if you are miscarrying. This can be a frustrating and upsetting experience as it is not a single event but implies chain of events to happen in several days. A woman should know what are the signs of a miscarriage which can help heridentify if a miscarriage is about to occur. Vaginal bleeding is often the first sign of miscarriage that may be light or heavy, constant or irregular. According to miscarriage statistics, it has been determined that 20-30% of women experience bleeding during early pregnancy. Bleeding with pain is a sign that miscarriage is more likely to happen. Decrease in pregnancy-related symptoms is less common but noticeable symptoms of a miscarriage including reduction of breast tenderness or less nausea or vomiting. Severe pain and cramping during early pregnancyis also a sign of miscarriage. If cramping or pain is experienced with other factors like bleeding then the chances of a miscarriage are higher.

If you ever think of why a woman suffers miscarriage then there are various risk factors for a miscarriage including age, previous miscarriages, chronic conditions, smoking, alcohol and drugs, weight or uterine or cervical problems.

Thankfully, Losing Baby is here to help and support those unfortunate women who gave suffered a pregnancy loss and going through hard time experiencing anger, anxiety and depression. Losing Baby was created by Jennifer to help women get required information knowledge, empathy and support that they deserve after going through such a terrible phase of the life.

Simply put, Losing Baby provides real and detailed information and support to women who are going through the emotionally overwhelming process of a miscarriage.

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Losing Baby is an online hub created by Jennifer that provides real and detailed information to women about pregnancy loss and miscarriage and also helps them recover from depression after miscarriage.

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