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Quality and assurance are the crucial factors to be kept in mind while transporting goods from one place to another. Stretch films play a key role in protecting the goods that are being transferred. Stretch films also known as stretch wraps are plastic films that are highly stretchable as they are made up of linear low-density polyethylene. Stretch films are used to encase around products and they aid in protecting them from dirt and wreckage. It comprises of elastic polythene substance that keeps the articles tightly bound to protect them relatively. They are designed in a way that they effectively stabilize, fortify and secure cargo items from tampering and pilferage.

Some commonly perishable items need to be protected from UV rays and sunlight and undoubtedly stretch films are an ultimate solution for the same. The use of these films cannot be overlooked and are plays a prolific role in adding value to the items being delivered to the recipient. Stretch films are also helpful in pallet unitizing of various products into single packaging. Apart from being used in transporting items, stretch films are extensively used for industrial commercial and domestic purposes as well. Stretch films can be assorted in various categories depending upon their uses. Stretch films come in various types such as, hand stretch film, machine stretch film, extended core stretch film, converted products, bundling stretch film and static dissipative film. Stretch films are designed for manual use that fulfills specific packaging needs.

If you are also willing to keep your goods protected from damage, it is important to buy quality stretch films from a reliable company. Malpack Corp is one such company which produces superior quality stretch films that offer great utility to the customer. The team of professionals at Malpack Corp has a combined experience of 40 years in the field of manufacturing, conversion and extrusion of stretch films and the same has made it a prominent company. Innovation in the field of creating a variety of stretch films is the prime motive of the Malpack Corp. They offer impeccable shipping services and put their best efforts to ensure the shipment reaches the customer within 24 hours. The broad range of stretch films offered by Malpack Corp is available at reasonable prices.

About the Malpack Corp

Founded in the year 1998, Malpack Corp is a prime manufacturer of various types of stretch films such as machine stretch film, hand film, specialty films and converted products. For further information, visit