Get high-Quality Stainless Steel Oval and Elliptical Tubes and Bollards from Reliable Supplier

Stainless and mild steel are both used to serve a broad spectrum of applications such as in architecture, automotive bodies, car rails, bollards, posts, hand rails and many more applications and can be found in residential areas like homes, apartments, hotels to commercial buildings such as shopping malls, corporate buildings and public places including parks, airports and other locations.

For instance, oval shaped bollards can be manufactured in both stainless steel and mild steel options and can be erected as aesthetic visual barriers or street furniture in areas of pedestrianisation and to assist in the protection of shops and other types of property from vehicle intrusion and more often they are also used for guiding the traffic. Similarly, you can find a number of applications of steel tubes which either in elliptical or oval shape are used for different purposes, some of them being hand rails on staircases, balustrades, parapet coping rails, door handles and other furniture.

There are quite a few oval stainless steel tube suppliers UKwho are dedicated to manufacturing and supplying oval and elliptical mild steel and stainless steel products so as to meet the requirements of their customers. One of the prominent companies dealing in these products is Eliptec Systems Limited. It is a leading supplier and manufacture of stainless steel and mild steel ERW (Electric resistance welding) elliptical and oval tubes.

They offer a wide range of oval and elliptical tubes and a selection of bollards which are both available in stainless steel, grades 304 and 316 and ERW mild steel. If you are seeking to specify or purchase these products then you can take Eliptec Systems Limited into consideration as they are a reputable manufacturer and supplier and offer a wide range to select from.

About Eliptec Systems Limited:

Eliptec Systems Limited is a leading oval and elliptical mild steel tube supplierwhose products areavailable at competitive rates. To know more, visit