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Hookah, also referred to as Shisha, is known to mankind since time immemorial. Certainly, the hookah has long been a traditional smoking instrument used by humans to smoke tobacco and the trend has only evolved with the passing time. Presently, there has been a significant increase in the use of hookah all over the world, most noticeably among youth. Hookahs consist of a head that is connected to a water bowl and a mouth piece as well as flexible tube. It started off as an act to purify the smoke and provide the pleasure of dragging a lazy puff and now, hookah has become a fad. From bars to restaurants and from friend’s night-outs to corporate events, hookahs have turned out to be an inseparable part of every small and big celebration.

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Today, hookahs are not confined to a particular shape; rather they are available in different designs, styles and sizes and color options. Gun hookahs including AK47 hookah, Pistol hookah, M-16 hookah and Tommy Gun Hookah are the latest sensations in the world of hookah which have gained tremendous popularity worldwide, especially among people of royal nature. Mob Hookah takes pride in being the sole distributor of the AK hookah collection. Plus, they offer you the opportunity to customize the Gun hookah according to your specific desires and needs and show off your enthusiasm in a whole new unique manner. If you are a retailer then you can source wholesale hookah, hookah accessories, tobacco and other such items at the most reasonable prices.

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