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Cutting tools are arguably the most important accessories for modern industries. Be it a metalworking industry or a wood working industry, having the right set of precision cutting tools is much more than a mere necessity in order to perform all sorts of operations. Drills, mills, taps, reamers etc. are some of the common precision cutting tools which are widely used in various industrial sectors and mechanical workshops to execute different applications like drilling, chipping, bending, welding, profiling and many more. However, out of many industrial purpose tools, an end mill is one of the very important tools which are widely used in industries for handling a wide variety of processes. In actual an end mill is one of the types of milling cutters that is designed to perform cutting operation with the opposite end of milling shaft. Unlike other types of milling cutters, an end mill is capable of cutting on the periphery, the face and also the end of the cutter.

Similar to other industrial purpose tools, there are several types of end mills which are used in industries for performing different tasks. Types according to the specific project needs include corner radius end mills, ball nose end mills, 45 degree helix end mills, square nose end mills etc. Other than these types, end mills are also categorized according the number of flutes. The number flutes generally ranges from 2 to 8 flutes. 3 flute end mills for aluminium and 5 flutes high performance end mills are two basic types of end mills which are used for chip removal and roughing & profiling respectively.

The type and quality of material are also two important considerations while selecting the type of end mill. HSS (High Speed Still), cobalt, carbide, aluminum are some common types of materials which are used to fabricate different types of end mills depending upon the application. Also, according the project requirement various other materials can also be used. However, while selecting the types of end mills to be used, it is also one of the important things to buy them from reputable tools Supplier Company as that ensures that you will get high quality products.

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