Get Executive Protection Services from a Reliable Investigative Agency

There is always a certain level of threat and risk associated with high profile businessmen and bigwigs of corporate world. Many a time celebrities, business owners and high class executives are under the threat from malicious individuals who often threaten them for money and life. Such high class individuals feel insecure while they go out for business meetings or to attend a social gathering as the unsocial elements ask them for ransom or threaten them for life. In such a scenario such individuals can avail the Executive Protection (proteccion a ejecutivos) services that can ensure their safety and protection. The executive protections are aimed at protecting the client in crowd by having powerful surveillance of the area, proper management of logistics and looking after secure travel arrangements as well.

Another important thing that the business owners really care for is to have a satisfaction that there are no fraudulent activities being carried out in their business behind their back. It may happen that in your business some corrupt individuals are carrying out illegal activities like drug use, espionage or fraud to harm your organization’s identity. To resolve such issues you can take services of criminal investigator (investigador criminal) who can perform rigorous background checks of employees in your organization. They can offer due diligence investigations which include monitoring of personal information of a person, personal interviews with previous employers, and a thorough investigation and verification of an employee.

There are a few organizations in Florida that offer high-quality investigation services. Ashenoff and Associates is one such agency that has numerous professionals and investigation experts that provide due diligence services to their clients. The agency has highly skilled team of criminal investigators who can help you in having thorough investigation and background check of employees in your company so that you rest assured that there are no illegal activities of fraud and espionage being carried out on your back. They also offer litigation support Floridaservices that are helpful for lawyers to collect and analyze facts to successfully work on a particular case.

About Ashenoff and Associates:

Ashenoff and Associates is a leading investigative agency that offers services of due diligence investigations, background investigations, covert operations and surveillance, litigation support Florida,electronic counter-measures, surety – bail bonds, pre-employment and credential screening etc. For more details, visit