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People are unaware about many diseases and conditions, such as autoimmune diseases. An autoimmune disease is a condition, when the body stops recognizing its own cells and responds to them as if they are the invaders. Autoimmune diseases have a unpredictable and varying symptoms, which are difficult to diagnose. One such disease is Scleroderma, which is a chronic connective tissue disease. The word scleroderma has been derived from Greek words; sclero that means hard and derma means skin. Scleroderma is not contagious, malignant, infectious or cancerous. Scleroderma can appear in different forms like, it can be on some part of your skin, which is localized or it can involve both, internal organs as well as your skin, which is called systematic scleroderma. It can also be classified as limited and diffuse that is slow progressing and fast progressing, respectively. People, who are under the influence of scleroderma, have an overproduction of collagen in their body whose deposit can challenge flexibility and functioning of the body.

Along with scleroderma, there are a lot of skin diseases and infections, which are affecting people’s life on a very wide note. One such skin issue that is faced by people is pressure ulcer. Pressure ulcer is injury to skin and underlying tissue which is a result of prolonged pressure on the skin. In the easiest way, pressure ulcer prevention can be done by keeping skin dry and clean or by changing positions in every 2 hours.

There are many a products available out there, which can effectively help you in coping up with your skin diseases. For the most effective skin care solutions for the harmful diseases like scleroderma, Welmedix offers you some efficient ointments and solutions. All the products from Welmedix are specially designed to help, clean, protect and treat fragile skin at home. All their products are designed for the appropriate skin care of adults, their products are formulated according to the needs of an adult’s skin. Product from Welmedix is trusted by nurses for the most optimal care of fragile skin. There products contains natural healing ingredients like, Aloe, coconut oil, calendula and soybean oil and all their products come at a quite affordable prices.

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