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The Costa del Sol is a glorious and extremely beautiful region nestled in southern Spain, in the autonomous community of Andalusia. The Costa del Sol actually means Coast of the Sun or Sun Coast in Spanish and as the name implies, the place has sunshine during a big part of the year. The region comprises a number of magnificent and alluring coastal towns and villages along the coastline of the Málaga province. From Pablo Picasso to Flamenco to the colorful ferias, the Costa del Sol is steeped deeply in rich southern Spanish culture. As a popular travel destination in Europe the region attracts a large number of globetrotters, adventure seekers, history buffs and nature lovers in particular from every corner of the planet.

Owed to its welcoming environment and wonderful climatic conditions, people these days are considering buying luxury properties here and this is the main reason why the market for real estate Costa del Sol is escalating significantly in recent times. There are hundreds of exotic properties including luxury villas, bungalows, apartments and condominiums along with a whole wide range of exquisite holiday homes to match the needs and requirements of every individual. However, given the dynamic market trends, investing in Spanish real estate sector can turn out to be a complicated and challenging affair and therefore, it makes perfect sense if you choose one of the highest rated real estate agencies like Start Group to help you make safe and rewarding property investments.

Start Group is staffed with a team of highly trained, skilled and dedicated real estate professionals with a wealth of experience and good understanding of the local real estate market. The professionals can help you find the most outstanding property in the region depending on your personal requirements and budget. Calahonda, being a small yet extremely beautiful town in the region, tops the list as most of the people these days are looking for exotic and exceptional property for sale in Calahonda where they can stay and spend their vacations happily. Golden beaches and bright sunshine over the town for most days of the year make the place a paradise for holiday makers. Some British people, who fell in love with the place after spending many relaxing vacations there, have moved now permanently to Calahonda. If you too love the place and are looking to buy a lavish holiday home in Calahonda, then look no further than Start Group as an ideal partner for you that can help you find your dream holiday home.

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Start Group is one of the best and the most trusted real estate agencies that are dedicated to helping potential property investors and homebuyers in finding luxury houses for sale on the Costa del Sol and the surrounding areas.

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