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There are different elements or components that are essential part of various industrial processes. One of such important components is strainers, which are mainly used in marine, oil and gas, pipeline industries and petrochemical industries. These strainers serve the purpose of removing unwanted foreign particles and solid adulterants from gas or liquids in the processing units. They are a type of perforated metal sieve used to screen out large solid contaminants. Many expensive machineries and systems like pumps, valves, traps and compressors, among others, are used in most industries and plants. Such equipment often get chocked or damaged due to presence of foreign particles, which may cut short the productivity and adversely affect the bottom line performance of the business. This is where the strainers come to the rescue, thereby straining out the foreign elements to safeguard the costly equipment and components along with ensuring the stability of the production unit.

There are various types of strainers available, including but not limited to simplex strainer, basket strainer, Y strainer and flat strainer. These strainers come in different shapes, sizes, pressure ratings and connection types. Iron, carbon steel, stainless steel etc. are some of the materials used to manufacture these strainers. The Y strainers use wire mesh straining elements to leave out the contaminants.

The simplex strainers are an integral part of a processing unit, where the flow of the line can be stopped for short period to clean or change the strainer. They are a type of basket strainers and come in different shapes, sizes and materials to suit a particular application in an industry.

The duplex strainer, which is also called as twin basket strainer, is fabricated to be used in fluid handling system where the flow cannot be shut down for basket cleaning. They come with self cleaning mechanism, which enable the basket cleaning without stopping the flow of the substance. They are used in cooling water, compressor, condenser, fuel lines, lubrication system, fire lines, fresh and salt water systems. It is recommended for various businesses and industries to use best-in-class strainers that are supplied by some of the most reputable manufacturers in the industry. Purple Engineering is one such producer and supplier of standard strainers.

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