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For most taxpayers, sole proprietors, self-employed individuals and small business owners in particular, receiving a notice for IRS audit is perhaps the scariest and most disturbing news. Certainly, for IRS (Internal Revenue Service), self-employed individuals and owners of small businesses are the easiest targets for audits. Although IRS audits are not a very common phenomenon, but those self employed individuals and owners of small businesses who file 1040 Form Schedule C along with their income tax return have higher possibilities of being audited by IRS, which eventually cause problems and anxiety to rise. 1040 Form, Schedule C can be categorized as a type of federal tax form, which is generally filed by self-employed individuals and small business owners along with income tax return to report the loss or profit of their business during a fiscal year.

Luckily, smart business owners and self-employed individuals can still protect themselves and avoid being a target of IRS audits by learning how to file Schedule C in the right manner. There is absolutely no denying that filing Schedule C in an elaborative and impeccable way is the best solution that can save you from the stress related to IRS audits. If you are a self-employed individual or small business owner, you will be glad to know that there are quite a few reliable internet-based sources such as 1040Return that are dedicated to facilitating both individual taxpayers and small business owners with comprehensive information and generous guidance regarding how to fill out your Schedule C form and how to prepare your tax return.

1040Return is a highly reputable and candid informative portal that provides the facility of e-filing the tax returns using the cutting edge small business tax software along with providing a series of well-developed videos with intent to edify people like you about filing small business and Self Employed Tax Return in the right way to prevent IRS audit. At 1040Return, they have showcased a range of informative videos, articles and posts to help taxpayers learn the right way of filing self employment taxes and small business taxes. Plus, they also have highlighted a list of Standard Classification of Codes (SIC codes) to show what IRS use to know use to determine what you can claim on your tax return. Be it form 1040, 1040a, 1040ez or other federal and state tax forms, you can easily file them with the help of 1040Return which eventually will help you get the biggest and fastest refunds.

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1040Return is a reliable e-file provider authorized by IRS. They are a leading online source that provides comprehensive guidance to the people in Filing Schedule C in the right way to avoid IRS audit. Visit for more information.