Fat Diminisher

5 tips for dieting, you haven’t heard

Globally we face an epidemic of obesity and losing weight is not just a personal need to show more beautiful, but also a constant encouragement from doctors and other scientists in order to stay healthy. The truth is though that slimmer is always a difficult undertaking. It takes effort, but above all the secrets that will help us succeed.

1. Non-counting calories

No matter how many calories we consume, but how many actually stored in our body. Research by the Pomona College USA concludes that the more difficult it is for our body to digest what we consume fewer calories so ultimately incur. Raw or unprocessed foods and those that have high fiber content, as well as meat that is not paramageiremeno (senian), require more effort by the body to absorb and provide fewer calories. So, if we focus on protein foods, raw, whole grain, I Sate and will lose weight.

2. Keep the bad bacteria away

According to research from the medical school of the University of North Carolina, people who have trouble losing pounds have a greater concentration of certain bacteria in their gut (so called firmicutes). They manage to “attract” somehow those calories from the foods. Which means that if we have such bacteria in our intestines, every meal “upload” us with more calories than if you ate someone with fewer such “friendly” bacteria in calories. Currently there are no probiotic that experts could be set up to take us to the block, but has found that these bacteria feed on the processed, very greasy, salted, sweet food, so as the Dodge have double profit: escape from the calories that puts us and reduce the number of such “pachyntikwn” bacteria.

3. Increase your Brown fat

One of the reasons why we are getting fat diminisher review growing up is that activity in a type of fat called Brown fat is reduced. Unlike white fat, Brown fat burns calories and so increases our metabolism. How to reactivate them is something that occupies a large space in research on obesity. Until now it has been found that would help us a cold shower, as well as melatonin secreted during sleep, according to a recent survey by the University of Granada in Spain. Also, cherries, almonds, sunflower seeds and cilantro contain small amounts of melatonin and could increase a little the rates of our Organization, if consumed regularly. Of course, it is good to know that nevertheless nothing is as effective as sleep.

4. Cut the gymnastics in half

Scientists from the University of Copenhagen were surprised when they discovered that those who used to work out 30 minutes a day lose more weight than those who got 60 minutes in the gym. This happen because those who were training for less time was more rested and then could do other things, like to go on walks, ride a bike or use the stairs instead of the elevator.

5. Don’t think that exercise weakens necessary

Yes, plays a role, but research from the University of Michigan shows that those who believe that exercise is the best way to lose weight tend to weigh more than those who have no such opinion and consider changing their diet would help them more. When trying to lose weight, increase exercise, often reward themselves with extra calories or overestimate how many calories we burn and eat more, which leads to the opposite of the desired effect. To succeed in our effort for weight loss, you need to exercise regularly, but be careful what you eat, so we can have the greatest possible profit.