Exploring the Pilgrim Destination of Solapur: A Quick Tour


Located in the south-eastern part of Maharashtra, Solapur used to be a highly revered place for the devotees of Jainism as it housed a large number of monasteries. It is also a noteworthy manufacturing hub of tobacco and Asian cigarettes. Solapur, today has emerged as a prominent tourist destination in Maharashtra and houses numerous traveler spots. It is an “all year round” destination for travellers as it pulls in enthusiasts from all walks of life.
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The southern Maharashtra is a treasure trove of destinations that provide tourists with every bit of taste that an average traveller seeks in a palette of offerings from a destination. One such place is Solapur which is a haven of religious sites, known and unknown. You can take a direct Kolhapur to Solapur train or taxi, or if you are coming from Mumbai, then there is no dearth of commuting options at all. But once you reach, make sure you explore the following sites in this city, for they are great tourist magnets.

  1. Shri Siddheshwar Temple

Siddheshwar Temple is located on the banks of Lake SIddheshwar and is a standout amongst the most mainstream Shiva sanctuaries in Maharashtra. This temple is honored with a wonderful location amidst a lake and houses probably the most stunning architectural wonders. The whole complex is built with wonderful marble and houses numerous little temples of different Hindu gods.

2. Pandharpur

Pandharpur has an old temple, which is dedicated to Lord Vitthal and Goddess Rukmini. This sanctuary is believed to have been redesigned in 1195. The site is also known as the Kuldaivat of Maharashtra and the Southern Kashi of India. This area additionally has a square shaped Pundalik Temple that is known for an open arched colonnade and a Shivalinga which is protected by a metal cover. The primary place of worship is a five story structure surmounted by a pyramidal mortar tower.

3. Kudal Sangam

Kudal Sangam is situated on the banks of the rivers Sina and Bhim, and is one of the best locales in the city of Solapur. The historical backdrop of this spot dates back to 800 years. Kudal Sangam is home to the most antiquated temple whose structure is inspired from the Hemandpathi style of architecture. The Lingam found in this spot is one of a kind in nature and cannot be found anywhere else in India.

4. Akkalkot Swami Maharaj Temple

Akkalkot Temple is a was built to commemorate Shri Samarth Maharaj. The temple complex houses an old tree of Banyan which is the most critical fascination of this sanctuary. Akkalkot Temple is an amalgamation of five temples which are arranged in close proximity to each other. This temple is honored with a lovely architecture and has around 97 pillars. The voyage from Solapur to Akkalkot sanctuary takes around 1 hour and is a tranquil involvement in its own.

5. Naldurg

The fort of Naldurg is situated around 45 km from Solapur, and is a famous landmark. The Naldurg fortification is particularly famous for its pretty waterfalls, normally known as Nar and Madi, which translate to Male and Female, respectively, in the local language. The view of these waterfalls is at its scenic best during the monsoon period when they are in full swell, falling down the stunning mountains.


With the Indian Railway expanding and improvising on their trains and routes significantly, no place in India is remote or inaccessible anymore. Although Solapur is a prominent religious place in Maharashtra, not many know about it yet. Now that you have some insight about this place, why not try it out?

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