Explore the unexplored- Visit Guwahati

To spend a magnificent getaway in the wild, listening to the birds and the whispers of wind, energized by the sound of spouting stream and set the clock back to give your brain a chance to race to the past, you should be at Guwahati, Assam. Arranged on Brahmaputra River banks, Guwahati is a heaven for nature significant others. The lofty Himalayan reaches and the well known Brahmaputra River give a shocking scene and the rich social foundation of the spot join to furnish you with one of a kind affair, which will stay in your recollections until the end of time.  Here are some of the best places to visit in Guwahati.


  1. Manas National Park: Spread over 391 sq. km territory on Himalayan foothills, the park has been announced as a World Heritage Site and it got this status in the year 1985. Broadly alluded to as the main Tiger Reserve in Assam, the recreation center is home to different species including langur, elephants, buffalo, rhinos sambar, chital, and wild oxen. The recreation center houses jeopardized species too. A portion of the feathered creatures spotted here incorporate  serpent birds, bulbuls, hawks, hornbills and jaybird robins. The ideal time to visit this park would be amongst October and April.

  1. Umananda Temple: A standout amongst the most imperative sanctuaries of Guwahati, Umananda Temple is arranged on Peacock Island amidst Brahmaputra River. The sanctuary has a place with the seventeenth century and it was developed by Bar Phukan Garganta Handique. Since the sanctuary is at the focal point of River Brahmaputra, it can be gotten to just on ships or engine dispatches. Devoted to Lord Shiva, the models and engravings delineate different divine beings to be specific Surya, Ganesha and Devi. The dividers of the sanctuary are brilliantly engraved and etched, which stand verification of the artisanship of the general population of the past.

  1. Kamakhya Temple: Arranged on Nilachal Hills, the sanctuary was remade in the year 1565 after it was destructed by Kala Pahar. The sanctuary has a few myths connected with it. Kamakhya Temple complex houses five sanctuaries inside it. The sanctuary acquires significance, as in this spot of love, Aryans and non-Aryans take after basic practices and hold regular convictions.

  1. Assam Rajyik State Museum: The museum offers a knowledge into the rich society and legacy of the spot. The historical center is amazing with dazzling scope of accumulations. The huge gathering in the library incorporates over a large number of scripts having a place with old period. Aside from scripts, the exhibition hall houses ancient figures and ivory compositions. Outfits having a place with old individuals are in plain view also.

  1. Nehru Park: Nehru Park is a perfect area on the off chance that you are here with your family. The peaceful environment spell limits you. The solid statues delineate different moves specifically Bihu, Deodhani, Bor Taal and Ojapali. The recreation center has phenomenal offices to captivate youngsters. There are different rides to keep the youngsters interested. You will love the stone patio nursery here. However another forte of the recreation center is the outdoors theater.

With so many places to visit in Guwahati just get your train reservations done through the official website and travel to have an awesome time.

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