Enterprise Cloud: Safe, Fast, and Economical


This is the computer age where the development of technology has great significance. More and more people are now comfortable with computers. The internet has spread to every part of the world. The proliferation of the internet accessing devices has added to the development. You can see people accessing the internet while on the move. Hence, there is a tremendous requirement for web hosting servers. The days of the physical hosting servers are now becoming obsolete with advanced virtual hosting machines. This you find terms such as enterprise cloud and WAN becoming household words. We shall now look at what does one mean by the enterprise cloud services and the advantages it presents to us.

Cloud computing concept:

Cloud computing is a model that enables convenient networking access. You can avail this service on demand. This service is available for a shared pool of resources such as servers, networks, storage, and applications. You do not require much of an interaction with the service provider while using these services.

Enterprise cloud computing:

You can avail cloud-computing services for all networking needs. In case the requirement is for commercial or business needs which require speed of services, savings in cost, and innovation, you refer to the services as enterprise cloud computing.

This service has three main key points.

  • You are able to tie up most of the IT and data center costs to the amount of usage. Hence, you are able to reduce the costs.
  • Having access to the cloud entails no capital expenditure for the startup company. You can reduce the risk factor as well. You would be able to increase the size of your projects or shut them off completely without incurring many costs.
  • Nowadays, you find many companies collaborating and working together such as the banking ATM business etc. The provision of the enterprise cloud services would be of great advantage to such collaborating companies as they can work as a part of a virtual enterprise network. The best part of all this they can work as a single company without any one company being the owner of the overall value chain.

The concept of enterprise WAN

The internet has a variety of uses. You have the internet for residential use as well as for commercial use. The commercial organizations require high speed and uninterrupted internet network. Hence, they usually do not prefer the usual internet phone lines. They use the leased lines or the Multiprotocol Label Switching (MPLS) system. They connect it to a wide range of network known as WAN. These commercial organizations have to maintain the secrecy of data. Security is another main aspect of the data of the commercial organizations. They require tremendous speed as well as twenty-four-hour connectivity. The normal internet lines would not be able to serve the purpose. This is the concept of the MPLS WAN. Now with the introduction of the cloud computing services, the enterprise WAN has gained much importance in recent times.


The technology is improving at a tremendous pace. Tomorrow, you may find something better than this as well.

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