Employee and Organisation Development Workshop at Hochschule Kempten

The characteristics of a potent leader for handling a business include 5 elements- Power, Organisation, Courage, Personality and Maturity. Power is the ability to cause a change and produce something innovative as well as productive and influence people to use it. Organisation is basically accepting all the challenges and hurdles that come in the way of success and solving them to cut your way through them to achieve your goals. Courage is required by a leader to choose a different path and make smart decisions actively. It is the way to independence and takes great responsibility.

People who think of changing the world and actually make efforts towards it have a different personality. They are dynamic, charismatic, good speakers, have a strong vision of the future, see ten sides to a problem, have opinions about things and are not scared of anybody to share with people. They tend to include the same kind of people in their organisation to help them achieve their goals. Maturity in any leader and organisation comes when people think about the company first and the leader thinks about his employees first. All this can change your life and way of thinking and perspective about business and your life as well as guide you towards employee and organisation development (personal- und organisationsentwicklung).

Illertisser Castle Dialog is one such symposium which highlights such topics. This year, the topic of discussion will be departure. Departure or withdrawal from the European Community or European Union is the right of every member. The symposium is going to be held at Kempten University of Applied Sciences or Hochschule Kempten on 7th October 2016. Several insightful speakers have been invited to deliver their awakening words and share their thoughts. Listening to these speakers makes learning (macht lernen) more impactful. The opening speaker at the seminar is honourable Prof. Dr. Markus Jüster, followed by other respectable key speakers Herbert & Niklas Zötler. Also, there are various workshops conducted by many eminent people in different categories.

About Illertisser Castle Dialog

Illertisser Castle Dialog is a symposium which is going to take place at Kempten University of Applied Sciences on 7th October 2016. Moreover, workshops on topics like power, courage organisation, personality, MUT coaching and maturity, etc. related to overall development will also be conducted. Registrations for the same are open now, and the whole schedule is available on the website. To register or know about Illertisser Castle Dialog, visit Schloss-dialog.de.