Dreamy Anarkalis For Special Occasions

When you want to stand out in a crowd and look like a princess, you must slip into a floor length, heavy Anarkali. With its dramatic flare and royal avatar you are sure to steal the spotlight.

While the Anarkali seems like a heavy and cumbersome outfit, it is relatively easier to manage than a saree. As it consists of only two pieces, a floor length, fully embellished Anarkalis are preferred by brides. As in most outfits, the cut of the Anarkalis is most important. The top is generally fitted with a waistline cut or an empire line cut which leads to the flowing skirt. The bottom part of the Anarkali is attached with layers of can can so that it remains stiff throughout. This helps give the desired shape to your outfit. Without the addition of can can, the Anarkali will lie flat and fail to create any drama in your look. Proper care and maintenance in required so that the can can does not flatten over time.450716

Since it is most preferred garment for wedding, festivals and formal occassions, these Anarkalis are heavily embroidered and embellished. Zari, sequences, gold motifs and beads are used to add some glamour thus making it appropriate for special occasions and events. Designers have been known to use shapes such as florals,  animals, Victorian elements and figures to make the garment interesting. You can see various fabrics such as silk, georgette, raw silk and many more being cut into beautiful designs. Your Anarkali can be either one fabric or you can use various fabrics for the yolk, dupatta and border. Decorative elements add a lot of character to your outfit so always be open to experimentation.3

Most heavy Anarkalis are attached with long sleeves, however if you prefer a bolder look you can use deep backs and plunging necklines. You can give your Anarkali a modern twist by adding an asymmetrical hemline for a more feminine and flirty vibe. Most designers offer ready to wear collection for you to choose from. However, if you want something out of the box, place an order with your favourite designer. Online portals offer a wide variety of options for you to choose from, so don’t forget to browse the internet before you make your purchase.

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