Distance learning courses have its own importance and advantages as well


Education is the birthright of every child in the world. However, not every person in the world would get the opportunity to study in a regular school or college. There may be circumstances when the individual might not have access to a regular college or university. In the earlier days, there was a system of correspondence studies. Of course, the same concept is still available, but with far less patronage. The main reason for the diminishing patronage of these correspondence courses is the concept of distance learning.

The concept behind distance learning:

You might have completed your proper graduation. This could have landed you a good job in a prestigious organization. You have a wish to continue your education and enhance your qualifications. At the same time, you do not wish to leave this job opportunity as well. Distance learning can come to your rescue now.

Your organization may have a policy whereby they would give an out-of-turn promotion to a person possessing a specific qualification. You can attain the same by enrolling in one of the distance learning universities. In this way, you can move up the corporate ladder.

You can learn a different set of skills through distance education. These skills might get you a better job as well. There are many distance learning colleges in the country where one can acquire such skills.

Correspondence courses Vs Distance learning

Many people confuse one with the other. In fact, both these courses are as different as chalk from cheese. You should have a basic understanding of the concept to know the difference. We shall look at the differences in brief.

  • Origins of the two: The correspondence education concept is an old concept dating as far back as 1830. The distance education concept is a relatively new one coinciding with the spread of the internet.
  • Period: The correspondence courses have a fixed period for completion. The college providing this course sends the assignments to the students over the postal system. The students have to complete the same and appear for the examinations at a fixed time. However, some distance education courses follow a similar method. An overwhelming majority of the distance learning colleges conduct online courses.
  • Student-teacher interaction: You would not find much interaction between the two in a correspondence course situation. However, the distance-learning concept would involve regular contact between the student and the teacher on the internet.

The Advantages of distance learning:

You have just seen the difference between the correspondence courses and distance learning courses. There are certain inherent advantages of distance learning. We shall try to enumerate some for your benefit.

  • Geographical independence: You need not attend the college physically. You can sit in the comforts of your home or office and still acquire your qualifications.
  • Time factor: You can pursue this form of education at your convenience. There are online classrooms, though. You may have to log in to the website for the online webinar at a fixed time. The advantage is that there may be repeat telecasts. If you miss one, you can always make up.


Distance education has come to stay today. It is gaining in popularity day by day.

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