Different methods of physiotherapy

The physiotherapy Adelaide experts are the professionals in their own field like a surgeon is. Right from sprains to strains and fractures to bruises, these professionals from Adelaide are capable of restoring the body to its optimum performance.

In injuries which are less serious, these professionals are capable of helping the patients in recovering without any kind of survival intervention whereas in case of some serious injuries, they may help the patients in recovering fast after a surgery.

Below are some of the techniques and methods of this therapy.

Hands on

The experts like getting their hands dirty and soiled literally. They love doing things manually like hands on approach. The most common examples include massaging, stretching and compressing, Manual therapy is the base of any kind of treatment plan as prescribed by the expert and they are of the opinion that it helps the patients in recovering faster and in a much better way.

Therapy with drugs

Many a times, this therapy needs to be conducted in conjunction with the medicines prescribed to the patient. For the injuries like muscle strains, it looks to be much more beneficial in case the patient has been prescribed muscles relaxant drugs as well as ointment together with interferential-therapy that employs electric signals which produces soft-massaging effects for stimulating the whole body into production of endorphins for working as natural pain reliever.

Therapy with surgery

For the injuries which are quite serious, physiotherapy along with surgery provides the best results. The therapy begins much before the date of the surgery as the patient will have to beef his body up and strengthen the different core-muscle groups. Post the surgery therapy would include regaining back the entire range of the motion preventing scarring of the tissues and regaining full post the injury condition as well as fitness in the patient in Adelaide.

Good old therapy

In the minor injury cases, this therapy alone is more than enough for helping the patients recover. In cases of ankle sprain, massaging the ankles under pressure of heat helps in warming up the tissues as well as the muscles, increasing the flow of blood and speeding the process of recovery. Neither medication nor surgery is needed in such a case.


Ultrasound that is efficient inaudible-sound waves are capable of penetrating much beyond the subcutaneous tissues layer loosening it for preparing for the therapy. It helps in supplying a mild heat touch for expanding and warming up the surrounding tissues increasing the flow of blood and then speeding up threat of healing.

Electric stimulations

Electric stimulation when applied in the small dosage and, in a very controlled manner is capable of stimulating the muscles for contracting. It’s especially important in the patients in Adelaide who’re suffering from any kind of traumatic injury that causes them to lose the muscular functions. With the help of physiotherapy, proper movements as well s functions may be restored in a speedy way.