Cutting Car Accident Claims In The Eu

According to recent studies, European motorists wish to shop for safer automobiles however square measure delay by what they think about being a high value for automobile safety options that would bring down the amount of car accident claims.

Some motorists conjointly don’t absolutely perceive the advantages of electronic stability management (ESC), as an example, and alternative high-end technology systems and also the role they play in preventing automobile accidents and reducing the amount of Car accident claims.

Vivian Reding, European Commissioner for info Society and Media says, “Together with business we have a tendency to square measure operating laborious to develop intelligent safety systems. Member states and stakeholders should make sure that these dramatically necessary and economical technologies square measure quickly taken in use all told markets in Europe. These survey results underline however powerfully Europeans feel and why we have a tendency to should all act currently.”

The European Commission has recognised automobilist issues and is attempting to boost awareness and unharness additional info to the general public regarding intelligent safety systems.

Road safety is shifting additional and additional to in-car systems that would scale back the amount of automobile accidents. This involves advanced info communication technologies (ICTs) that facilitate to develop intelligent safety systems to avoid wasting lives and scale back the severity of non-public injuries.

The fast preparation and take-up of those systems would profit all road users. this needs, however, that automobile consumers et al. square measure educated regarding safety systems and perceive their edges.

As an area of the Intelligent automobile Initiative, launched in February 2006, the Commission initiated 2 surveys to be told regarding the attitudes of drivers towards safety systems designed to cut back automobile accident claims.

The surveys were performed all told twenty five EU Member States and allowed the EU Commission to grasp users’ attitudes towards new technologies and their level of data and to make a decision on any actions, like public demonstrations, media events and campaigns.

The survey showed that for the bulk of motorists, safety is of high importance once shopping for a automobile however they do not wish to pay further for safety systems. this might be as a result of they feel that cars ought to be safe while not having to get hold of the privilege.

Safety and fuel consumption square measure the highest criteria next to cost in selecting a automobile. Over eighty per cent of Europeans wish ESC (electronic stability control) in their automobile Associate in Nursingd ESC is perceived as an extension of the already well-known ABS.

Over seventy per cent of Europeans wish in-car emergency decision (eCall) in their ar, which might save lives if a automobile accident happens. the ecu Commision has welcome the recent public-private communication platform “eSafetyAware!” to market safety technology.

What is the eSafety Aware programme?
Esafety aware may be a programme to boost public awareness of in-car safety systems designed to cut back automobile accidents and automobile accident claims.

The programme focuses on business awareness campaigns chaired by the inspiration of the International Automobile Federation (FIA). it’s twenty six introduction members representing driving clubs, road safety authorities, road operators and insurance suppliers.

The campaigns square measure designed to boost public awareness regarding safety options like ESC, which might scale back the incidence of road traffic accidents by twenty per cent.

Europe still has over forty one,000 road-related deaths once a year and also the personal and monetary value for families is very high.

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