Creation of Feeling of Trepidation and Horror

Before you start writing any story, you need to be clear about few things. The first and foremost among them is to decide the genre of the story. Once you are done with it, you should read books of that particular genre. This will be the best guide for you and will help you in writing. Read books that you think have spooking potential. You may think that it is just writing the story down and anyone can do that but actually it is much more. Writing a story doesn’t mean just penning down few words and phrases. It is lot more than this. You need to create an environment. You need to pick your words vigilantly as stories are all about words. Your words must be powerful enough to create the desired emotion in the mind of reader. For instance, if you are writing a horror story then your reader must feel scared. You cannot control the external environment. Where, when and at what time reader is reading the book is not in your control but the sentences, phrases and words are in your control. Choose the words and make the sentences such that they can create that horrifying environment anywhere and anytime.

Here are some examples. ‘I woke up to hear knocking on glass. Firstly, I thought it was because of the window until I heard it come from the mirror again, A girl heard her mom yelling her name and she headed downstairs from where the voice came. As she got to the stairs, her mom pulled her into her room and said I heard that too.’ These are just few examples written by famous authors. The words are not out of the world and no, they have not created their own vocabulary. It is all about selecting the right words at right place.

Though there are definitely certain words that help in setting the mood of the story. A true horrifying story is that which sets the mood from the very beginning of the story. An effective writer is one who sends the message to his reader that the story is going to be nerve tingling using vocabulary that compliments the theme of the story. Dreary, gloomy, sombre, creepy and forbidding are few of the words that are used in horror stories very often. Use adjectives like intimidating for buildings and menacing for forest. Using such words help you in setting and creating the mood, ambiance and aura of the story more efficiently. These words actually help the reader to imagine more clearly. The reader must see your story clearly. This is the very first step to create a bestselling novel.

There are some words which have the potential of evoking the five senses. A tale becomes even scarier if reader can hear, see, taste, touch and smell things described in the story. This can be done by using the magic of the words and lexicon. Elaborate things by using words like pungent, acrid or choking. The horror character can speak in the steely, dark, sibilant, sepulchral and guttural voice. Use tincture like ebony and pitch black to describe the dark things. These words just add more to the feeling of things and make it easy for the readers to visualize exactly what you want to tell. Objects may smell grimy or slimy. Likewise, a food item or drink can be rancid, sour, fetid or foul. Some of you out there must be feeling little depressed, doubting your vocabulary. Relax as internet and Google is there to sort these kinds of problems only. No one has by hearted oxford dictionary. Everyone gradually learns from internet or dictionary, whichever you are comfortable with.

Concentrate on escalating and elevating the suspense. The most deadliest and frightful fear is fear of unknown. You can increase the fear and interest of the readers at the same time by increasing and holding up the suspense. Initially, don’t give the details of a place, monster or ghost. Creating suspense drives the reader to his own world of imagination and establishes more zest and desire to see the next step of the story. Enthusiasm can be increased by creating suspense as then reader gets excited about seeing how much the story is related with his imagination. With your strapping lexicon, you can take your readers in the tour of the world of your story. Fill your story with ambiguous descriptions like hazy air, an amorphous creature, tenebrous valley, unintelligible sound or opaque water. This helps in establishing a disturbing and unusual environment for the readers.

Highlight words that express fear. Your command on story must be such that you can scare the shit out of your readers. Horrified, petrified, horror-stuck, appalled, aghast, panic-stricken and witless, blends well with the ambiance of a horror story. You can even represent signals of fear of protagonist. For instance, she can have droplets of sweat over her forehead, she can tremble, quiver, quail, shudder or quake, her knees can knock. You can also go further and describe her paralyzed or transfixed at a place.

These words just add up in creating a strong, hefty and husky territory for the readers. You need to be playful with the vocabulary of the manuscript. Little focus on the words and adjectives and you are almost there. Rest depends upon how strong your story is. Description is one of the main forms of discourse. You can use thesaurus or other dictionary for reference that will benefit you in creating the feel of the story in a much better way. It will enhance the descriptions of the place, event and characters. Better the vocabulary better will be the imagination of the reader and more successful will be your book.

Other than vocabulary of the manuscript, also you can localize your story to make the readers feel as if it is a story that has happened nearby only. This will make the readers more interested in your story. You can also tell the story from the main character’s point of view by using words like I or me. Continuous use of these words make readers feel as if it is their own story and they can endure the book and story more.

Bang the end of the story. If possible end the story in such a manner that stuns the reader. This will leave a powerful impact on the reader. The story must be strong. The scenes and incidents must scare the readers even in bright sunlight. If you keep these steps in mind while writing your horror book then I can guarantee you success. Vocabularies, creation of scene, all are jewelleries to enhance the beauty of the story. If the core story, in itself, is weak then no matter how influential your glossary is, the sale and impact of the book can never be extra ordinary.

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