Create Slideshows and Movies with PepBlast Motion Pictures

PepBlast Motion Pictures provides you with everything you need to make engaging photo slideshows or full motion pictures from your audio and image collections. The app is available for both Android and iPhone or as a Web-based utility for any other platform. The user-friendly app is both fun to use and it saves you time. All you need to do is choose the images you want to add to your slideshow or movie, choose a movie template and watch a preview. Within a matter of minutes, you’ll start seeing results, since it only takes about 30 seconds to create a movie from around 10 pictures. However, you’ll also have the opportunity to fully customize your work and unleash your creativity by choosing from more than 1,000 movie templates or even designing your own from scratch.

Select Music for Your Work

There’s no better way to capture the moment than by taking some great photos and turning them into an engaging slideshow or movie that you can enjoy sharing with your friends and family. Whether it’s a family event, a wild night out, a treasured vacation or anything else, PepBlast Motion Pictures provides you with everything you need to make the moment special. However, this is far more than just another photo slideshow creator, and it allows you to easily add audio effects and music. The app features more than 1,000 free songs to add to your movies, or you can simply add your own, giving you an unprecedented degree of versatility even if you don’t have a large music collection yourself.

Social Media Integration

Social media services tend to be the go-to resources for sharing your creations with the world, and PepBlast Motion Pictures includes everything you need to get your creations seen. Without having to leave the app, you can email, text or post your slideshows and movies on your favorite social media websites with the tap of a button. Both Facebook and Twitter are supported.

Outstanding Ease of Use

The first thing you will notice when using PepBlast Motion Pictures is that it offers a quick and simple solution with no demanding learning curves or complicated features. The video creator software is ideal for both beginners and tech enthusiasts alike, and you can start taking advantage of the multitude of personalization options available the moment you start using it. There are many themes and animations provided, all of which are extensively customizable, so no two slideshows or movies have to look the same.

PepBlast Motion Pictures is a joy to use thanks to its optimized interface and personalization features. You can create professional results quickly and easily without having to acquire any pricy movie assets. Every customizable theme provided allows you to change the background, music, animations, colour schemes and much more. There is simply no better way to enjoy your lifetime memories and share them with your friends and family than with Photozig’s innovative solution. Point your browser to today to find out more or try the web-based app.

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