Convert QuarkXPress Documents in Adobe InDesign with Q2ID

Q2ID is a plugin for the industry-leading desktop publishing and design software Adobe InDesign. This simple but extremely useful utility provides an essential function for anyone migrating from QuarkXPress or using both applications side by side. Quick and easy to install and run, the plugin provides seamless conversion of your QuarkXPress projects so that you can open and edit them in Adobe InDesign without any restrictions. No longer is it necessary to spend a great deal of time recreating your projects from scratch. It retains all important page elements and other formatting features, making it the perfect solution for those needing to save time when using both platforms or migrating from one to the other. It affords users a great head start in such situations, saving both time and money in the process.

Q2ID is available for both Windows and Macintosh platforms. The data conversion plugin is intended to be as efficient and accurate as possible in order to minimize the need for making additional edits after the conversion process is complete. It moves all important details and features into the Adobe InDesign format so that you can continue working immediately in a familiar environment. The plug-in operates seamlessly with Adobe InDesign versions CC 2014, CS 5.5, CS 5.0 and CS 6.0 in both Macintosh and Windows computers. Additionally, you can use it to convert up to fifteen years’ worth of QuarkXPress documents, since it supports documents made in QuarkXPress 4 right up to version 10. All types of items and page elements are converted for supported versions, including tables, styles, images, fonts, boxes, colors, page positioning data and much more.

For ultimate flexibility and affordability, Q2ID is made available by way of a subscription plan. This pricing method ensures that you’ll get more than your money’s worth out of the plugin even if you only ever need to convert the occasional document. After all, even converting a single document using this solution can save many hours over recreating the document from scratch. Nonetheless, others might have hundreds or even thousands of documents to convert, but such requirements will not pose any problem for Q2ID thanks to its seamless import function. All you need to do is launch the conversion function from the newly added Markzware menu in Adobe InDesign once you have installed the plugin. Once you’ve chosen the file you want to convert, Q2ID will take care of the hard work for you, with most conversion jobs only taking a matter of seconds to complete. A progress bar will also be displayed to indicate the approximate amount of time left for the conversion to complete. Once it’s done, you’ll be able to start working with your file with just the same degree of flexibility as you would enjoy if you were still using QuarkXPress. Note that QuarkXPress itself does not have to be installed on your machine in order to use this plugin.

To learn more about Q2ID, visit Here you’ll find the one-year bundle subscription which includes all updates for either Mac or Windows.

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