Communicate with your Team, Employees and Clients with Secured Messenger App

Making use of a secure instant messenger is a significant way to assure that your messages are concealed from meddling eyes and that they can’t be obtained from your laptop or computer by online hackers or malicious computer software. Although you might think that your information or mail messages are usually secure, there are basically numerous ways that their safety measures can be affected.

In a techno world, the use of email in business communication is common nowadays just because consistently rising need to communicate via web, new applications are certainly needed and desired by consumers. New conversation tools are creating their way to the leading edge. Anything from wall calendars to quick messengers to Skype is now accessible to customers. But probably the most discussed communication tool generating waves today is Fleep.

So if you are someone looking for own business messenger or email messaging app that keep conversations and confidential files secure then you must go with secure instant messenger Fleep. Fleep is safe and sound messenger application that operates with email. Keep chats, records and pinned information synced all over different systems.

Fleep provides features including conversations, email compatibility, audio-video calling screen sharing, pin board, file drawer, notifications as well as Fleep API. For highly developed combinations, the ones where you need to have much more than a simple message post, you must go for Fleep API. It’s a full featured API that will allow you to post and read messages, records, create groups, chat for teams, change members etc. Fleep API allows you to take your ideas into reality.

Fleep is for providing all your written chats into one place. If some of them are not Fleep users still, you can include them in the discussion with their mail address and they will get all the messages and documents as normal e-mails. Fleep doesn’t differentiate against devices! You may use it on PC or Mac, Android operating system or iPhone. All you need is an online access. Your data files and information, pinned records and track record are always kept in synchronize and in the cloud on all the devices so Fleep is always prepared and available when you need it.

About Fleep:

Fleep is an email messaging app that makes it possible for us to communicate between groups and workplaces flawlessly, no matter if at your desktop or on mobile, primarily based in Estonia, with offices in Tartu and Tallinn. Their services are organized on Amazon EC2 in Dublin, Ireland. This supports carry cooperation to a whole new stage. For more details, visit