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It is quoted well that, “clothing is a form of self-expression and there are hints about who you are in what you wear”. Clothing is not just done to adorn the appearance or protect the body but it also enables the individual to signify his/her culture, personality and beliefs. When it comes to clothing, t-shirts are one of the most popular apparel that is admired by all as they offer extreme comfort and flexibility of design. Custom printed t-shirts turn out to be the most favorite and popular t-shirts as they are the epitome of ‘wear your attitude’. People prefer custom printed t-shirts more than regular ones because they are one of the best ways of self expression. Custom printed t-shirts are adorned with unique and creative designs using direct to garment printing methods. Direct to garment printing, often abbreviated as DTG printing, is an efficient technique that directly prints unique logos and graphics on garments by using digital apparel printers. DTG printing can be done on a broad variety of fabric materials including wool, denim, cotton, polyester, synthetic, leather, etc.

People these days are more fascinated with custom printed t-shirts and it is highly recommended for retail business owners to include these t-shirts in their collection in order to expand their apparel business by satisfying distinctive demands of their customers. A retailer can associate with a reliable contract printing company and place orders accordingly. Contract printing companies use latest printing methods that ensures the colors that are printed on the apparels emerge specifically and there is no damage caused on the fabric because of over-lapping. The services offered by custom printed companies are not only restricted to retail business owners but they also provide quality custom printed products to corporations, distributors, advertisement agencies, embroiders, apparel companies and many more.

Bay Promotions is one such company that offers superior custom printing services to various institutions. Bay Promotions is renowned for providing contract embroidery, artwork, work order, screen printing and digital printing services to their clients. They are a 100% contract only decorating service and they not provide products to direct consumers, this serves in best interests of their clients who are running a retail business given that it lessens the competition. Bay Promotions is highly experienced in screen printing, embroidery and digital printing on various items such as bags, shirts, t-shirts, towels, etc. If you are looking for outstanding custom printing services, then Bay Promotions is the right solution for you.

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