Choose a Reliable Provider for Energy Efficiency Software Solutions

Global warming and climate change are the realest threats to the Mother Nature. Various industrial and human activities are amplifying the release of greenhouse gases that are leading to global warming. The emission of these gases is a result of burning fossil fuels in activities such as burning gas in our cars or using oil to generate electricity. Tackling global warming has become more than a mere necessity as it is not only damaging the earth but it is also burning a hole in our pockets. The increased consumption of energy is also resulting into high prices of resources and the same concern is affecting statewide trusts and utilities as they are bearing expensive operational costs. In such a case energy efficiency programs can be of great help to statewide trusts and utilities.

Utilities are the large business firms that operate on facilities used for transmission and generation of electricity, gas and water for general public. Utilities meet the public needs of gas and electricity and manage the increasing energy costs along with ensuring that the impact of electricity and gas generated by them is less on the ecosystem. Energy efficiency programs are essential for utilities as they benefit them with energy and capacity savings, lowering the fuel costs, defer generation investment and lower the costs for the public. With improve in technology new and highly effective energy efficiency software solutions have evolved that have enhanced the energy efficiency programs of utility companies.

If you are looking for efficient energy efficiency software for your utility, then ESG is the ideal partner for you. ESG is a leading provider of software solutions that report and track the energy efficiency programs and demand side management of your utility. Earlier it was difficult for utility companies to manage the information of their utility programs given that there are multiple spreadsheets and makeshift reporting that are bounded of limited automation, but with Energy Efficiency Collaboration Platform (EECP) by ESG managing your energy efficiency program is not tiresome and lengthy anymore.

EECP is a comprehensive business reporting solution that works as a SaaS (Software as a Service) for several utilities irrespective of their locations. This groundbreaking demand side management software from ESG has revolutionized the ways of managing energy efficiency programs by unifying different energy efficiency programs into a well-organized tracking system. ESG has made it easier than ever for utilities to have a consistent view into energy efficiency program information.

About ESG

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