Challenge Coins: Make Your Team Feel Belonging

Challenge coins have gained immense importance amongst the people over the years. The first time challenge coins made a ripple was when one of the American air force pilots had to land behind the lines and was caught by German soldiers. The German soldiers confiscated all of the pilot’s belongings and tortured the pilot to revel secret related to the airbase and the army formations. Even after being tortured and without identity, the pilot planned his escape through a broken pillar after bombardment. The pilot avoided German army officials and crossed the no man’s land between German and France. Without identification the French officials planned the pilot’s execution, the only thing which pilot had was a coin which was awarded to the team on their amazing services and attacking spree, as soon as the French official saw the coin in his leather locket, the execution was delayed and after getting necessary information the pilot was awarded with a bottle of wine to celebrate the incident. This was the time when challenge coins became an evident part of the people who provide services to the country.

Over the years the concept of law enforcement challenge coins has gained a very strong reputation amongst army personnel’s as well as private companies and private services. The coins represents ones dedication towards their organization or clan which they are a part of. The most important part is these challenge coins can even get you a free round of drinks. The challenge coin game is very common amongst the people in America. If one challenges you with their challenge coins you would have to produce your challenge coin in 4 steps to avoid paying for the round of alcohol which would be served. One can challenge you at any point of time so always be prepared with your challenge coin.

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About Law Enforcement Challenge Coins:

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