Cell Phone Spy App: Keep Tabs On your Kids and Hirelings

Today’s tech-savvy youngsters are prone to a lot of dangers over the internet, which they use at their fingertips. While there are many child safety monitoring solutions already available for your children secured on the computer. However, another gadget that your kids access frequently is mobile phone. Calling and Text messaging has become quite popular among young people around the world. But the big concern is what your teen is doing on the phone? Thus, to be sure that your kid is safe and secured.

Furthermore, in huge corporations provide mobile phones to their workers and give a massive amount of money, each month for the mobile phone usage of these employees. However, they barely know whether the workers are using the company’s phone for the intended work purposes only. Are they using their company vehicles for work purposes? Moreover, if you own a company and wish to keep an eye on your employees for seeing what they are doing with the company’s phone, then you can go for the Cell Phone Spy App that can effectively monitor their activities, enabling you to keep a track on their messages, calls and much more.

However, choosing the right mobile phone spy software can be a bit abstruse. There are a lot of features, companies and pricing options to select from. That is why; it is imperative that you comprehend how the software functions and how closely it serves your purpose. One such application that you can rely upon for spying cell phones of your employees, kids or any other family member is IntelMobi. IntelMobi is a Mobile Spy for Android that apart from being hidden, has varied features like, SMS tracking, deleting messages, application usage activity monitoring, GPS tracking and more.

IntelMobi is ground-breaking spy software that is intended to provision the users with modern prominent features that will surpass their expectations. IntelMobi lets you keep a check on incoming and outgoing calls, call duration, time and date. It also gives exclusive details about the applications that are frequently accessed,

About IntelMobi

IntelMobi is one of the efficient and paramount cell phone spy and GPS tracking application providing safe spying software for smart phones for watching over your kids, family or employees.