Cell Phone Spy App: Keep an Eye on Your Kids and Employees

In this busy world, where people don’t even find time to look after themselves, it becomes even more difficult for them to ensure the well being and security of their near and dear ones. They are so occupied with their profession and work responsibilities that they don’t even realize what went wrong in their relationships or families. Before things go out of their way, they need to employ proper measures that could help them in keeping their loved ones safe and secure, without compromising with their professional duties. One of the solutions that they can adopt in order to avoid any unprecedented issue in their families and love lives, is a cell phone tracking software.

If you too are worried about the protection and security of your family members, then you can use a cell phone spy app. Such software applications are designed to technical excellence to help you keep an eye on the online as well as offline activities your kids or other members perform, so that when you discover any harmful element that may pose a threat to them, you can take prior measures or actions to tackle it. With such cell phone spy apps, you can also track the incoming and outgoing phone calls along with texts on instant messaging apps like WhatsApp, Viber and Facebook Chat. Thus, you can avoid all the serious consequences of the unexpected situation.

Not only in your personal life, but this application can help you out in your professional life too. It can help you keep track of all your employees, so as to track the efficiency and productivity of them. The software allows you to get detailed call history of the target’s phone. Whether incoming or outgoing calls, you can get log history along with the contact name, duration of call or if the log was deleted or not. In addition, it would also help you in ensuring that none of your confidential data and report is leaked by any of your working staff. The application enables you to read any sent or received text from the device of the targeted person or employee.

This keylogger Android software program can also be installed in Android devices, which provides you greater flexibility in terms of the compatible platforms. Moreover, this application would help you keep your relationship rich and happy, as you can track your partner and find whether he/she is cheating on you. IntelMobi is one such mobile application that offers great security services that enable you to make sure all your love ones are safe and secure.

About IntelMobi

IntelMobi is a brilliant cell phone tracking software for Android and iOS powered devices that you can use to keep track of your spouse, kids and employees.

For more information regarding the software, you can visit Intelmobi.com.