Capture cherished life moments with the excellence of Creative film studio “Three Bow Ties”!


Creative film studio presents “Three Bow ties” which is a seat of absolute professionalism when t comes to capturing important life moments through images and videos.  Life is a collection of moments that are happy and sad, significant and not so significant. People weave in these moments in their memories and retrospect on them fondly, from time to time. Owing to the boon that technology has proven to be, by capturing these life moments through videos and images, one can e a part of them for life! So, be it a promotional video or a wedding snippet or just a fun video full of life, the team at “three bow ties” can do immense justice to it!

The wedding magic!

Marriages are made in heaven but definitely captured best through the best of lenses and the most skilled men at it. There are many customers who have opted for fine wedding videos from this Sydney wedding videographer. There are many others who have chosen to freeze these precious moments into images and pictures. Since only high quality equipment is used to create these videos and images, one can be sure of the excell3ence in quality that shall be delivered by the skilled team here. Be it a destination wedding with all the flamboyance or a simple church family which is humble and beautiful, one can choose this studio to bring in extreme professionalism in the results. All weddings are cherished moments, hence they deserve to be beautifully captured and preserved!

Festivals, birthdays and other special days!

First birthday celebrations or anniversary and birthday celebrations can be beautifully captured by skilled team at “three bow ties”. These skilled professionals use the best technology along with visual effects and background score to come up with truly breathtaking results. Be it a 30 second video for Christmas or a 10 minutes video of one’s special anniversary, one can expect the most captivating videos to see and show off to friends and family. One can also gift such endearing pictures and videos to that someone special and create the magic in your relationship with your spouse, friend or parents!

Commercial videos

The other best selling feature of this creative studio is the provision of commercial videos for business firms and other organizations. These videos can be used for advertisement purposes and for the growth of the respective firm. Be it a law firm or an educational institute or a charitable trust, one can totally depend upon the high performance delivered by this studio! These videos and images can be customized according to the needs and other requirements put forth by the customer. The results are truly impressive and once perfect for advertisement purposes.


People choose to opt for this professional studio for creation of videos and images which stand out for the sheer reason of their quality and the captivating end result. The skilled and creative Sydney wedding videographer from “three bow ties” promises great results every time!

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