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Agriculture is probably the most important of all industries since it provides us with the life-force we need to live, i.e. food. All our nutritional needs would’ve been difficult and humanity wouldn’t have flourished and multiplied like it did. It eliminated the constant need for hunting wild animals for food, and allowed mankind to turn into the civilization it is today. Agriculture involves, planned growing and care of crops which are in demand the most. These demands depend on a lot of factors. The seasonal and geographic condition of the area is highly significant. Farming techniques used to comprise of strictly manual and cattle labor done by bare hands and often self made tools.

Manual operation of these techniques was slow and inefficient. Then with advancements in technology, new machines were invented to aid the most vital industry of the world. Heavy vehicle integrated machinery is now a common investment made by farmers. These machines, mainly plowing tractor (assolcatore per trattore) tractors, change the entire scenario of a produce. Processes like plowing, sowing, reaping, harvesting and fertilizing, everything can be done with more speed, more efficiency and on larger areas.

One of the most common crops which are planted all over the world regardless of season or geographic area is potatoes. Potatoes are used worldwide in all kinds of cuisine in some form or the other. They are highly nutritious vegetables which are valued in kitchens of households everywhere. Usually growing in relatively cooler climates, potatoes are always high in demand. This is why; specific machines have been developed to aid the production of potatoes. These machines like, an automatic potato harvester (scavapatate automatico) when teamed up with tractors can increase the process of potato cultivation significantly.

These potato harvesters are specially built machines to aid potato farming since it is such a huge industry. Potato harvesters are capable of both harvesting, cleaning up and bagging the produce, all in one go. The machines are equipped with 3 stages of conveyors which remove almost 70-80% dirt from the potatoes. Potato harvester works on all types of soils and employs minimal manpower, which makes it all the more of a luxury equipment. Potato farming can be taken to whole new levels by using automatic potato harvesters.

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