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Scientific development has brought changes in every sphere of the world. With the industrial revolution it saw the birth of highly efficient machines and tools. These machines and tool are widely used in agriculture for reducing human labor. The use of tractors, harvesters and other farm implements has led to much increase in the productivity of crops, which is essentially required to satisfy the demand of growing population.

The use of advance machines not only increases productivity but also improves the quality of crops and prevents exploitation of animals. These machines are generally used for:

• Planting seeds

• Cultivating crops

• Tilling the soil

• Protecting the plants from pest and weeds

• Livestock feeding

• Harvesting

Tractors are the most vital part of the agricultural machinery. There is a wide variety of tractors like potato digger plow tractor (aratro scavapatate per trattore) which are used for digging and ploughing the large fields. Tractors are designed in such a way that can easily pull heavy loads and thus they are very effective in landscape farming. Others machineries which are used along with the tractors are:

Ploughs: These are used for preparing the land before sowing the seeds. These are generally made of wood, steel or iron and they help in bringing the nutrients to the top layer of soil.

Potato harvester tractor (scavapatate per trattore): These are used to harvest the potatoes. They are generally of two types: Haulm topper and potato spinner. These greatly reduce human labor by picking up potatoes from the field in large quantity.

Furrow openers: Furrow openers are generally used for opening a furrow and feeding a seed into it. There are various types of furrow openers such as disc type, shoe type and shovel type.

Hedge Trimmer: Hedge Trimmers are generally used for pruning the hedges or shrubs. Tractor- mounted hedge trimmers are used for cutting the hedges in large fields.

Mower: Mowers is machine that is used for cutting grass and other plants before cultivating the land. They are mounted below the tractor as a trailer.

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