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Industries such as petrochemical, oil and gas and marine etc, are at the forefront of global economy, given that they play a pivotal role in providing the most essential fuel and energy to drive the world. Certainly, these industries are of utmost importance as far as the growth and development of the world is concerned. Now when the talk is about petrochemical, oil and gas industries, pipes and piping networks hold a distinct position as they are used in transporting different kinds of products including petrol, diesel, gas and other chemicals from one unit to another and eventually, the final products to the end consumers. Considering the fact that such naturally extracted fuel and gas are combustible and highly inflammable in nature, it is imperative for the businesses to be extra cautious while handling and carrying these fluids and gas from one place to another because even a small leakage in the pipeline network can create mass casualties and mass disruption to the society.

For obvious reasons, the pipes used for the process of transferring petroleum products and natural gas should be flawless and in proper shape not only to deliver the petroleum products and natural gas to the respective destinations efficiently but also to avoid serious consequences. The construction, assembly and installation of pipeline networks, one should always use specially designed precision cutting and welding tools to ensure that the pipeline system is intact and fully functional. Pipe stands, pipe cradle, pipe alignment rollers, pipe cradle, rotators and various other tools and equipment are used to carry out the process of pipeline assembly and installation with absolute perfection.

Pipe roller stand is one of the most important tools that have their own unique role to play. These tools are mainly used with threading machines, roll grooving, or in other pipe working applications. Not only do pipe roller stands provide the required support for precision welding but also help to execute the applications in an effective and timely manner. If you are related to petrochemical or oil and gas industries and are looking for the finest quality pipe stands, pipe rollers or other similar tools, then Purple Engineering is the ideal partner for you.

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A well-renowned Australian based company, Purple Engineering is dedicated to providing top quality tools and equipment used in pipeline assembly and installation such as pipe stands, pipe roller stands, pipe cradle and pipe rotators and so on.

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