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Hookah, as of late, has occupied a very large portion of the pop culture all over the world. Like a wildfire, you can now see hookah bars being open in almost every city. It is a much accepted recreational activity among enthusiasts and these days smoking, hookah has become a matter of pride and it is not surprising that the trend is getting increasingly popular.

Hookah is basically a water pipe that consists of several hoses that are meant to be for smoking. The base of the hookah is filled with water where as the little bowl holds the tobacco/flavor, as per the demand of the smoker. A number of people prefer hookah over smoking cigarettes due to the obvious benefits it has over smoking cigarettes.

Firstly, when you buy hookah for smoking, you know that you are avoiding the nicotine dependency. After all, when you consider cigarettes, it is the nicotine that is the main cause behind the addiction. Smoking cigarettes not only leads to serious medical conditions but most of the people end up dying, which magnifies how harmful this addictive habit can be.

Furthermore, going by the facts, a cigarette smoker often have stained teeth and bad breathe. Due to the constant smoking and the tobacco, the teeth gradually get yellow and stained along with bad breathe, which eventually contribute to a lot of embarrassment. However, when you smoke hookah, you are smoking something that will not affect your beautiful natural smile.

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