Buy High Resolution Projectors from a Leading Online Supplier

For office use, a projector has always been the ideal choice to make presentations or in institutes like schools etc. as an audio-visual aid for teaching purposes. In fact, the decrease in price and latest upgrades in projector technology has let many people to buy it for their personal use as well. It has now become the preferred choice for most of the people who wish to enjoy movies or play games on a life-sized screen at their very homes.

Different types of projectors are available in the market these days. A few of them are:

  • LCD Projectors

The LCD projectors are used for entertainment purpose with the help of digital light processing to create a high resolution and better quality image.

  • Digital Projectors

These projectors let you to access the video files on your personal system and also assist you in internet surfing effectively.

  • Portable Projectors

The portable projectors are well suited for creating noise-free presentations with proper images and graphics.

  • Slide Projectors

Such projectors are used to show the photographic slides on a projection screen.

  • Video Projectors

It is an image projector with lens system used to transmit the image corresponding to the incoming video signal.

While the market is flooded with projectors of fine technology and functioning, Crenova has been a leading brand selling superior quality projectors of all kinds. Its XPE650 model is one of the most popular and best-selling projectors.

Exclusive Features of Crenova XPE650 Projector is seriated below:

  • This projector is perfect for residential use. It supports 1080 pixels high definition video.
  • It supports airplay and microcast too with the help of wifi display dongle.
  • The Crenova XPE650 is equipped with the latest LCD technology which provides brighter and more vibrant colors.
  • This projector is available in large screens of 60-120 inches to make your vision more comfortable and safer than television.
  • Apart from all the above features, it provides one year warranty too.

About Crenova XPE650 Projector:

Crenova XPE650 with 120 inches wide display, is a projector, known for its unmatched home video projection uses. This presentation projector supports AV-TV, memory or SD cards and displays 1080P images. To buy this amazing product at affordable price you can visit